I'm Dr. Kunal Patra

Hi! How are you doing? I am glad to see you today. So, tell me how is life treating you?


Dr. Patra graduated from S. R. B. Medical College, Odisha India, in 1993. S. R. B. is one of the oldest centers of medical teaching in all of India and is considered the premier medical institution in the entire state of Odisha (population 44 million).

His medical skill and know-how have only improved over the last 23 years. Moving to Sioux City Iowa with his wife Aradhna, Dr. Patra has seen clients for Mercy Medical Center, Boys and Girls Home Family Services, and as a consultant for other psychiatrists and physicians in the Sioux Land area.

Clinical depression is, in many cases, the most difficult battle of a person’s life. Anytime I have the opportunity to help someone overcome this terrible condition, I put my heart and soul into their treatment.

What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Kunal

Dr. Patra is researching new treatment options and bringing treatments to Sioux City that have not been available here before. He consults with his mentor, which tells me he is constantly learning and keeping abreast of treatments and medications. He is the first doctor to put me on an MAOI, and in six weeks I’m seeing improvement. He asks me what I want to do, and allows me to make the decision…


I’ve been on a merry-go-round of doctors and meds seeking aggressive treatment for 3 years. Depression was first diagnosed for me in 1999 and spent years off and on antidepressants until a major episode in 2012. I have drug-resistant, treatment-resistant chronic major depressive disorder. I’ve consulted at Mayo, did a 10-week treatment program in Arizona, did IOP in Omaha. I had lost hope many times. After my first visit with Dr. Patra, I was given hope again…


I don’t know how Sioux City was lucky enough to get a doctor like him! I’ve seen all the docs in SC — the mental health community in SC is terrible and far behind the times, so that is why I was seeking treatment in Omaha. Glad I’m back closer to home and in good hands.